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Yoga. by, Shana Swanson specializes in teaching you a yoga practice specifically designed for your body in a private setting. 

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I want to learn yoga but I so don’t want to go to a class

Learn the foundations you need to keep yourself safe and empowered in your practice.  In a private setting, you will learn to  create effective yoga postures for your body and lifestyle needs. After a series of lessons, you will feel comfortable in any yoga class and maybe even continue the practice on your own. 


I know how to move, I just can’t sit still and “meditate”

Meditation does not have to be an hour of sitting still.  Create a formula that incorporates mindful

movement and breathing techniques that will help still your chaotic mind.  


My ——- hurts.

Learn to heal your own aches and pains through yoga. Through a series of one on one lessons, explore your own postural alignment and movement patterns and use your yoga practice as a tool,  to soothe and heal yourself from the inside out. 


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Feel free to contact me with any questions You may have. 

Yoga. by, Shana Swanson

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